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The House Of Naphtali

Est. June 2005

Overall Father Mecca Naphtali ~ Overall Mother Emileo Naphtali


Chain Of Command:

Overall Father / Overall Mother

Prince / Princess

Emperor / Emperess

Chapter Father / Mother


Parents- Carry all authority. Hold the power of final approval/say so. Must both approve each house member. Ultimate level of the house of Naphtali. Answerable only to the inner circle.

Inner Circle- Overall Mother/Father, Prince/Princess, Emperor/Emperess (there is only one of each) Mother/Father (one for each chapter) Have full authority over their respective regions.

Should an Inner Circle Member choose to visit a chapter he or she will of course be treated with the greatest deal of honor and respect.

The Mother and/or Father are to pave the way for their chapter members (Children)

A title can be stripped due to lack of conformity, performance, or fulfillment of ones job description.

A typical chapter has no less than three (3) members and no more than ten (10) in any chapter regardless of people wanting to be in the house. This house needs to remain manageable.

A Naphtali will typically obeserve a potential child for some days or even weeks before beginning to approach them. Once deemed suitable, the chosen one is introduced to the philosophy of the house and his actions are then accounted for.  
If the candidate still shows promise he is added to the family on a temporary basis.  And finally after 30 days and upon showing a sufficient display of character to impress the Parent the Full Membership can be granted.

House Balls- Attendance Mandatory

House Mini Balls- Mandatory for all in chapter

Each member must find a category to walk. Every new member should try to find at least one (1) category to walk.

If you are not a walking member you must be involved in ball/house prep and/or upkeep. i.e. (treasurer, secretary, minute keeper, on the ball set-up team, after-ball clean-up team, etc.)

All new members must complete application and send a current clear picture to the leaders of their region.

30 Day Trial Period- for all new members!!

Upon successful completion of the 30 day trial period there will be a make-shift naming ceremony online where you will recieve your Naphtali Name. until that point u will just carry your 1st name as a junior naphtali. The name that you obtain when you join the house of Naphtali is not neccessarily your official name. The Mother/Father of your region will assign you an egyptian/nubian Naphtali name upon your 30 day completion.

House Dues Are $10 Monthly, Less than half of what you would pay at any other house! House dues go toward house activities only, u will recieve a receipt, and money log quarterly via postal mail. or E-mail regarding, ur payments and any purchases made within the quarter from the Naphtali Account. (information regarding a shipping address for said house dues will be distributed shortly)

House Colors- Lime Green & Royal Blue; must be worn to every ball u attend to represent our house. you do not have to walk ur category wearing the house colors, u are allowed to change.

If you and another member have unresolved issues, LEAVE THE SHADE AT THE DOOR! Do not bring that in the house. Everybody here is your family, when we are gathered outside issues hold no importance.

Inter-house relations are prohibited. Because we are a family. There will be much misunderstanding on this issue. Ex: If u and a house member date, and then u break up and have hostility between the two of you, u are still apart of the same house, it will slow down your participation, and ur general desire to be apart of the house. Ex: "i aint tryin 2 go 2 the house meeting friday cuz "he's" gonna be there, i hate him" (lol, ya'll know how ya'll do!) try 2 keep it cool.


5 Day Suspension- During your suspension you are not allowed to walk any balls with in the 5 day time period.

30 Day Suspension- During your suspension you will not be allowed 2 walk any ball within that time period.

3 Suspensions Allowed. Upon fourth suspension, your membership will be terminated. (better known as "GOOD DAY" )

Those who can not comply with any of the aforementioned house giudlines, can either willfully resign, giving notice before departure, or can be dismissed by an Inner Circle member, or an Overall Parent.

A Word From Overall Mother Emileo Naphtali

The Members Of Naphtali are the loyal, faithful and loved; those who do not fear to hold to the family's name in the face of disapproval and shade.

The Strength of the house is not in numbers but in organization and loyalty.Communication between sister chapters is a must! Within each Chapter Communication and loyalty must be strong. What most suprises outsiders is the powerful bond of loyalty and trust which exists between the members of Naphtali. There will certainly be individual members who do not work well with others, and if internal fighting and troublemakers are keeping disorder, they will be dealt with harshly or given a simple "GOOD DAY". Each member are expected to find his own place, rather than being pressed to conform to a role determined by others. This is a matter of practicality.]

Communication is MANDATORY!!! If there is ever any confusion, questions, or comments please address your region leader(s). Although a secretive house when it comes to sharing information with other houses, we do not keep secrets amongst eachtoher. Loyalty, Respect, honor, Trust, Honesty, Love, And Unity are not only key but also required from you at all times. To be a respectable house, we must all be respectable people.

Physical Fighting WILL NOT Be Tolerated And Is Punishable By Immediate Dismissal!

House meetings are for house members only!

Sharing House Information With Non-Naphtali Members Is Prohibited!!

The nature of a Naphtali is to Lift up their family members, not tear them down.

(No Reading!! or Gossiping!)

Name: X................................................... Date:..................

Upon reading this list of guidlines, please sign the bottom signifying that u agree to the terms of The House of Naphtali and foward it to Overall Mother Emileo Naphtali: , Overall Father Mecca Naphtali: , Ovahness a.s.a.p.



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The House Of Naphtali